April 16, 2018

Removing comments

A decade ago I was happy if there were comments on my blog. Ten years later, having a full-time job, family and lots of other responsibilities I have no feeling about them. I feel good helping and informing others, but I feel comments on this blog aren’t benefiting much in this area (helping others). Additionally, I prefer the cleaner look and shorter loading times of the website. Therefore, comments are no more.

I wanted to do this for quite a while, but the main reason I didn’t was Twitter. I’d really like to use Twitter, but I dislike my current handle (ribicemir) which prevents me from using it. Phew.

I usually go by ribice at all places (namely Google, GitHub, GitLab, Reddit, Facebook, Linkedin, twitch, Hackernews, this website and dozens of other websites), but that handle is taken on twitter (@ribice). I wouldn’t feel that bad if someone used it, but it has literally zero activity on it. (if someone can help me grab it I’d be very thankful)

Even though I rarely post on Twitter, I still publish my blog posts on Reddit/HackerNews, depending on the topic. From now on if I do post somewhere, I’ll include links to discussions at the bottom of the posts.

Few of the reasons I decided to remove comments (Disqus) from my website:

  1. The website looks cleaner now, as the design is unified. Disqus comments look too complex and the layout can’t be changed.

  2. I prefer keeping the discussion in a single place, e.g. Reddit/HN/Twitter.

  3. (Much) faster load times.

I’m always reachable via email (mail icon at the top), and will probably respond to you from other sources as well (ribice@gophers.slack, twitter).

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